Show them everything they want to see.

Add SightMap’s interactive property map to your website or on-site office, and help prospective residents self-discover your senior living community. The essential tool to search, view, understand and select their ideal apartment, SightMap gives them the in-depth information they need to make the right decision with confidence.

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Help them discover more

SightMap provides unique transparency, enabling prospective residents to see the data they require, explore community amenities, and view pricing and inventory.

 Users can filter apartments based on their criteria, such as size, layout, views, pricing and more. This increases their likelihood to book an appointment or make a deposit.

  • Show apartment location
  • Street and satellite views
  • Tailored media content
  • Custom search filters
  • Unit-specific content

Bring it to life

Location is crucial to decision-making. SightMap reveals deeper context, from proximity to amenities, to floor preference, or even balcony views.

SightMap’s search feature allows users to toggle between multiple map views, revealing context beyond the community and into the surrounding neighbourhood.


Harness the power of the SightMap

In-depth data analytics provide deeper understanding, from which apartments attract more clicks, to engagement with outbound CTAs, and much more.

Save valuable time for your sales counselors. Our clients report increases in qualified leads and deposits, alongside reductions in unqualified ones.