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one conversation at a time.

Join EnPower, our dynamic DEI Employee Resource Group, where we navigate challenges, spark ideas, and celebrate inclusion.

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Your platform for authentic impact

EnPower isn't just a group, it's a community that offers you a platform to make a difference and unlock a range of valuable benefits.

Authentic self-expression

EnPower encourages you to be your authentic self. You can openly discuss challenges, share your experiences, and bring your true self to the conversation.

Self-care and well-being

EnPower promotes self-focus, helping you pay attention to your well-being. It's a space where you can practice self-care and ensure you're mentally and emotionally supported.

Personal growth

By embracing the learning edge and pushing past comfort zones, you'll experience personal growth. EnPower is a place to challenge yourself and expand your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Supportive community

Being a part of EnPower means you're a part of a supportive and compassionate community. It's a space where you can find encouragement, empathy, and collective support.

Open communication

EnPower creates a 'Brave Space' for open and honest communication. You can discuss feedback on current practices and culture without fear of judgment.

Inclusion initiatives

EnPower generates ideas and initiatives around inclusion. You can actively contribute to shaping the organization's DEI efforts and drive positive change.

Professional development

Engaging with EnPower can enhance your professional development. You'll gain valuable skills in communication, empathy, and cultural awareness that can benefit your career.

Celebration of progress

EnPower celebrates the work done internally. It's a space where achievements in diversity, equity, and inclusion are acknowledged and appreciated.