Plug and play property insights.

Simplicity meets power. Load the Asset Intelligence plugin into your Power BI dashboard and transform data into insights without a hitch.

Your data, your vision, your power

Unlock the potential to create visually stunning and highly detailed reports, on your terms.

Seamless Integration

Users can quickly add the power of Asset Intelligence to their existing Power BI setup, without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Customizable data sources

Property owners and operators can utilize any data relevant to their portfolio, enabling comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Flexible visualization tools

Users can create intricate and visually appealing reports, tailored to their specific property management needs.

Drag-and-drop interface

DIY reporting becomes a breeze, allowing users to design reports without coding or complex configuration.

Real-time updates

Stay informed with the latest property insights, enabling timely decision-making and immediate response to changes.

Interactive dashboards

Users can explore intricate details within their property data, uncovering hidden insights with ease.

Data modeling and calculations

Users can perform complex calculations and create custom data models tailored to their property management requirements.

Collaboration and sharing

Multiple team members can work together on reports, ensuring that insights are shared and decisions are made collectively.

Plug, play, prosper

Just plug in, start playing with your data, and watch your property portfolio prosper.

Load the plugin into your Power BI dashboard

Start importing the Unit Map Power BI plug-in by selecting the ellipsis under “Visualizations” on the Power BI dashboard. Once imported, the UnitMap
icon will appear in your visualizations tray.

Asset Intelligence Property Data Dashboard Business Intelligence for Power BI

Precision, meet control

Configure Unique IDs for data integrity, API keys for access, and Unit Map IDs for pinpoint accuracy.

Tailor your insights

Choose the metrics and filters that matter most to you from any data source you've pulled in. Visualize your property data with pinpoint precision, crafting insights that match your unique needs.icon will appear in your visualizations tray.

Man using Asset Intelligence to view property data with Microsoft Power BI
Asset Intelligence property data with Microsoft Power BI
Asset Intelligence property data with Microsoft Power BI