Hardware Assumptions and Terms


a. Sales Tax. Initial fees do not include sales tax (where applicable).

b. Billing. Hardware, shipping and installation are billed 100% upon project commencement.

c. Payment Terms. Invoices shall be payable within thirty (30) days after invoice date. If hardware, shipping or installation invoices are not paid within thirty (30) days, Engrain may, without waiving any claim or right against the Client, and without liability whatsoever to the Client, terminate the performance of these services.

d. Purchase Date. For the purposes of this agreement Purchase Date is defined as the date Engrain purchases client contracted hardware.

e. Hardware Pricing. Hardware pricing assumes the Licensee will authorize Engrain to purchase hardware within four (4) months of the execution date of the Purchase Authorization. Hardware purchased after this four (4) month window may be subject to material cost increase, billable to Licensee.

f. Hardware Availability. Engrain shall not be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its hardware obligations on account of material shortages which are beyond the reasonable control of the company. In the event Engrain is unable to fulfill contracted hardware obligations, the Client may choose to approve procurement of an alternate hardware configuration, provided by Engrain in writing, or to remove hardware from the Purchase Authorization and receive a refund of any monies paid for hardware, shipping and installation.


a. Inclusions. Standard installation includes a maximum of one hardware configuration (up to 70” screen) at one location on a flat or articulating mount.

b. Non-standard installations. A $1,000 deposit is required for all non-standard installations. The deposit will be billed at project commencement. Costs that exceed the deposit amount will be billed post-installation.

c. Site Surveys. Pre-installation site surveys are available upon request for an additional fee.


a. Wiring and network configuration. All A/V system and panel connection requirements are to be contracted and provided in advance by the Client.

b. Client Hardware. Engrain does not support existing or Client or Third Party provided hardware under this scope of work. If needed, Engrain can be contracted under separate agreement to assist with existing or Client-provided hardware.

c. Expedited Shipping. Fees for expedited shipping will vary and requires a pricing estimate from Engrain.

d. Reconsignment Fee. If freight must be stored before delivery or cannot be delivered as planned, holding fees may apply.

e. Trip Fee. If an installer is unable to complete the installation and is required to return to the property, an additional trip fee of $250 per trip may be charged. Typical examples include internet or power not previously connected, the onsite contact becoming unavailable during the scheduled installation window, or lack of site readiness.
6. Installer Cancellation Fee. Cancellation of a scheduled installation must be made with 72 hours notice or $250 cancellation fee may apply.
7. Additional Service Fees. Occasionally additional service fees may apply and will vary based on the situation. Examples of additional fees include requests that the installer run power or internet (not all installers are licensed for this), non-standard installations (curved walls, specialty wallcoverings, unspecified recesses), multi-screen installations and requests to move previously installed screens at the time of install.


a. Manufacturer’s Warranty. Equipment purchased through Engrain is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer warranty is valid for five (5) years from hardware Purchase Date as defined in Section 1 (“Purchase Date”)

b. Hardware Support Program. Engrain provides supplemental hardware support for up to twenty-four (24) months from date of hardware delivery. This hardware support program includes assistance in working with the manufacturer to process defective equipment claims. Engrain Support staff will work with Client to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve any hardware malfunction as quickly a s possible. While Engrain
Support representatives will do everything in their power to expedite manufacturer claims, Engrain may not be held responsible for shipping, repair, or replacement delays on behalf of the manufacturer.


a. Inclusions. Extended warranties may be purchased up to 12 months from hardware purchase date as defined in Section 1 (“Purchase Date”).

b. Cost. The cost to purchase an extended warranty varies by hardware configuration.

c. Warranty Period. The extended warranty period for extended warranties procured by Engrain varies by hardware configuration and availability.

d. Exclusions. Damage of the product due to negligence, misuse, theft or modification of the hardware are not covered in this warranty.

e. Availability. This program is available in the continental US and Canada only

f. Purchase. To obtain extended warranty service please contact logisticsmgr@engrain.com within 12 months of the hardware Purchase Date as defined in Section 1 (“Purchase Date”).


a. Technical Support, as defined in Section 4 of Engrain’s Licensing Terms and Conditions, and Hardware Support is limited to only the hardware provided by Engrain. Any issues or defects that are directly attributable to non-Engrain provided hardware (“Client-Provided Hardware”) or other environmental factors, such as network/WiFi, physical infrastructure, firewalls, etc., are not supported by our support team. While our support team will attempt to assist and troubleshoot, the Hardware Support portion of any product licensing and/or software issues that arise as a result of Customer-Provided Hardware are not supported by Engrain. Upon customer request, Engrain may supply hardware items for purchase to facilitate software compatibility with Customer-Provided Hardware, but Engrain can not guarantee ongoing compatibility with, or provide support for, Client-Provided Hardware.