Keep your content fresh without lifting a finger.

Say goodbye to content management headaches and hello to getting eyes on your property faster with SightMap's API.

SightMap property content automation illustration

Save time and sanity

Enjoy a leasing workflow makeover and reap the rewards. It's like winning the lottery, but without the taxes.

Save time

Eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving leasing teams significant time and effort. Quickly upload property information, such as floor plan images, pricing, and availability data, with just a few clicks.

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Accurate and consistent data

Ensure accurate and consistent data across various platforms. Manual data entry is prone to errors, but automation helps maintain data integrity by eliminating human mistakes.

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Real-time updates

Property owners and leasing teams can instantly update their property content in real time. Whether it's updating pricing, availability, or other details, changes can be made seamlessly and reflected across all connected systems and platforms.

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Efficiency and scalability

Empower leasing teams to handle large volumes of property content uploads quickly and effortlessly, enabling them to manage multiple properties and portfolios with ease.

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Integration capabilities

Content automation via APIs enables seamless integration with other systems and platforms. Leasing teams can integrate their property management software, websites, listing platforms, and more, ensuring consistent and up-to-date property information everywhere.

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Enhanced user experience

By automating content uploads, property owners can provide a better user experience to potential renters or buyers. Accurate and updated property information helps users make informed decisions, improving their overall experience and increasing the chances of conversion.

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Automagically yours

Integrate unit pricing and availability data, floor plan imagery and unit descriptions.
It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Layered property Unit Map with SightMap elements

Simplified integration, quick setup

All you have to do is turn over the keys to your kingdom (aka your PMS login information) and leave the busy work to us.

SightMap Property Management System Setup illustration