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Help renters navigate the world of vacation properties, discover hidden gems, and secure their ideal stay.

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Elevating every corner of rental living

Explore the features leasing teams can't get enough of, transforming how build-to-rent properties attract and retain tenants.

  • Apartment location
  • Custom filtering
  • Media content
  • Unit-specific content
  • Distribute your map

Seamless integration

SightMap seamlessly integrates into short-term rental websites, providing guests with a cohesive and engaging experience.

Virtual tours

Enjoy immersive virtual tours of properties, allowing guests to get a feel for the rental space and amenities.

Interactive floor plans

Interactive floor plans provide detailed insights into property layouts, dimensions, and amenities.

Map-based exploration

SightMap enables map-based exploration, making it easy for guests to identify nearby attractions, dining options, and more.

User-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both guests and property managers.

Detailed property information

Access comprehensive property information, including photos, descriptions, and guest reviews, for confident booking decisions.

Efficient property management

Property managers benefit from streamlined operations and improved property visibility, leading to increased bookings.

Increased bookings

SightMap's engaging and informative features enhance the overall guest experience, ultimately driving higher booking rates.

Multiply your exposure

With SightMap, you can amplify your property's visibility by distributing interactive maps to multiple search and leasing platforms, attracting more renters than ever before.

SightMap works with all internet listing services to show your community's interactive property map all over the web.
SightMap can display multiple communities on the map for all centralized leasing efforts.

Effortless multi-property management

SightMap simplifies managing multiple short-term rental properties, ensuring efficient operations and bookings across your entire portfolio.