It's dorm magic.

With TouchTour, parents gain reassurance and students gain campus context, making the transition to dorm life seamless.

TouchTour for senior living showing available apartments

Elevate the campus living experience

Discover how TouchTour’s game-changing features bring student housing to life, offering context that redefines the way students find their home away from home.

Virtual dorm tours

Explore dorm rooms virtually, giving students an immersive look at their future living spaces. Help students and parents get a feel for room layout, amenities, and more.

Digital guest cards

Easily create and manage digital guest cards to capture potential renters' information. Streamline communication and tailor follow-ups for a personalized leasing journey.

Apply now integration

Seamlessly integrate an "Apply Now" button, allowing prospective students to initiate their application process right from the video tour page, enhancing convenience.

360° common area views

Experience common areas in 360° views, such as lounges, kitchens, and study rooms. Gain insights into the campus atmosphere and offerings.

Assured peace of mind

Delight parents with the ability to virtually tour student housing units, ensuring their child's comfort and safety before they arrive.

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Empowered campus explorations

Excite students with immersive virtual campus tours and interactive floor plans that let them visualize their future living space and amenities.

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Real-time confidence

Provide instant access to up-to-date unit availability and pricing, easing parents' worries and helping students plan effectively.

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Smart insights for parents

Offer parents insights into their child's new campus, making the transition to college life even more connected.

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Leasing agent with student using TouchTour iPad to tour available apartment

Informed choices, smart journeys

Offer students and families a detailed, immersive experience of the entire community campus.