Introducing an innovative apartment search.

Community websites have undergone a metamorphosis in recent years as apartment teams clamor to attract residents. But for all the optimized features and visually alluring layouts added to these sites, one concept has remained the same—the floor plan search remains the most critical function.


Introducing an innovative floor plan search

“Data shows that nearly half of the traffic that lands on the property website homepage navigates to the floor plan experience,” said Kelley Shannon, senior vice president of marketing and customer engagement for Bozzuto. “So the website should continuously be optimized for a successful user experience.”

Bozzuto was firmly aware of the need for a compelling, interactive floor-plan search, but wanted to introduce additional dynamics to stand out from the competition.

With prospects now spending the majority of their apartment search journey online—interacting with multiple ILS, review sites, social media channels, and property websites—Bozzuto was dedicated to investing resources to enhance and optimize the digital floor plan search experience while researching and analyzing website performance.


Adopting Engrain's SightMap platform

Bozzuto had previously partnered with Engrain on TouchTour touchscreen kiosks and small-format applications for tablets. These tools helped Bozzuto successfully provide self-service access in leasing offices along with key leasing information for touring prospects.

“Our relationship with Engrain goes back several years,” Shannon said. “Fast-forward to 2019, and Engrain’s interactive SightMap was exactly what we were seeking. It provided a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution to help improve the online floor-plan search experience for our tech-savvy prospects.”

Bozzuto was able to seamlessly integrate the SightMap platform to its community site to offer prospects a more granular and interactive floor plan search. For instance, if a prospect wanted to view all one-bedroom homes on the ground floor or all two-bedroom homes with a balcony, they could do so.

The interactive property map also helps provide context for Bozzuto prospects seeking to understand the location of an apartment relative to the amenity spaces, parking areas and other key features of the community. The platform’s location-awareness or “blue dot”—feature assists prospects with wayfinding while on a self-tour.

"Fast-forward to 2019, and Engrain’s interactive SightMap was exactly what we were seeking..."

Kelley Shannon
Senior VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement


Increased website traffic and duration; minimal bounce rate

According to Shannon, the benefit of adding SightMap to Bozzuto’s community websites was twofold.

“For one, it’s a great enhancement for older or templated sites where the floor plan search experience isn’t reflective of best practices. And two, it provides additional opportunity for engagement on newer sites, extending the time on site with an easy-to-use, visual search tool.”

Kelley Shannon
Senior VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement

According to Shannon, Google Analytics data confirmed a significant pageview increase on the SightMap page compared to traditional floor plans on the property website across multiple platforms. Within a one-week span, SightMap received 459 pageviews from mobile users compared to the 135 pageviews on traditional floor plans. Desktop/ tablet users provided 336 pageviews on SightMap versus 92 on the property floor plans.

The SightMap page also received more than a four-time increase in average time spent on the page for mobile users and a nearly 13.5-time increase for desktop/tablet users compared to overall time on the property website floor plans. Returning users spent an average of four minutes, 27 seconds on SightMap -- a notable increase from the 26 second average returning users spent on the static floor plans.

“Our leasing teams also love the map as a tool to use while communicating with prospects both virtually and in the leasing office. The new Blue Dot location feature within the interactive SightMap is something that many of our teams are excited about, as it proves an especially useful feature for sites that are offering self-guided tours.”

Kelley Shannon
Senior VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement

“Overall, Engrain has proved a valued and progressive partner to Bozzuto over the past several years,” she added. “They have offered innovative solutions and strong customer service.”