Standing out in an emerging submarket.

In an emerging submarket that featured several new developments and a variety of Class A options, the 1,032-unit community needed to find new ways to set themselves apart.

T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Standing out in an emerging submarket

With its massive size and longstanding reputation, The Residence at North Dallas possessed plenty of charisma of its own.  

“We were trying to find a way to stand out and compete with the newer builds, as well as other comps that were built around the same time,” said Chris Garcia, marketing manager for CAF Management, which manages the community.

Situated at 18665 Midway Road, The Residence at North Dallas is a collection of four previously standalone communities built in the 1980s. CAF had recently begun property upgrades, but also yearned to create a competitive advantage with regard to the prospect experience.

"We really wanted to go with a touchscreen kiosk that would create a unique leasing experience. We wanted to deliver some of the ‘wow factor’ that the comps in the area did not have."

Chris Garcia
Marketing Manager
CAF Management


Implementing TouchTour Core

With an interactive touchscreen in mind, Garcia began his research in Q3 of 2018. At that point, he didn’t have The Residence in Dallas specifically in mind – he was searching for a screen that might eventually serve as a fit at one of CAF Management’s 39 communities.

Garcia considered a few touchscreen options and went as far as to visit Dallas-area properties that used competing systems. As part of the process, he’d interact with the kiosk in the manner of a prospect and observe how onsite leasing teams utilized it during the tour process.

It quickly became apparent that Engrain’s TouchTour was a stellar fit for CAF. It made sense from a functionality and price standpoint, but personalized service from account executive Mary Greer helped cement the decision.

The personal component symbolized that Engrain would offer more real-time support moving forward than any competitor.

“The big difference was that Mary was able to visit our office and give us that hands-on approach rather than us having to communicate with someone online or in a webinar,” Garcia said. “We genuinely liked the in-person experience and the pricing component made sense.”

"If prospects want to lease Apartment 632, they want to see exactly where it’s at. Having the map feature to zoom in and show them exactly where they’re at relative to 1,032 units has really helped."

Chris Garcia
Marketing Manager
CAF Management


Engaged Prospects and a Visually Interactive Leasing Experience

At the largest property within the CAF Management portfolio, TouchTour has provided prospects with touchscreen-based visualization into the property. At such a sizable community, the screen has become invaluable.

The Residence at North Dallas also features a main office with the strict purpose of leasing. TouchTour ensures prospects won’t have to waste valuable time, even if they are craving an in-person tour.

“On weekends it can get really busy,” Garcia said. “It is nice to have a kiosk in place so prospects can interact with it before they meet with someone from the leasing team.”

Because TouchTour was implemented at the community less than six months ago in Q3 of 2019, it’s too soon to offer a quantifiable uptick in leasing numbers. But prospect and team member feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in the early going. CAF will consider TouchTour at additional communities moving forward.

“Offering a kiosk like this certainly serves as a differentiator from the comps, and prospects have really enjoyed the ability to engage with it and send community photos to themselves,” Garcia said. “It definitely sets us apart being able to offer this kind of technology for prospects. As an added benefit, the leasing team enjoys the ability to send a customized email to the prospect with photos and floor plans.”

"For our leasing team, it’s great for them to incorporate TouchTour within their tour to show prospects floor plans and other property details. Everything is life-size and easy to envision.”

Chris Garcia
Marketing Manager
CAF Management